Two babos.
One plan.
A million ideas.
A Little Too Much

Group: B.A.P
Pairing: Yongguk/You
Rating: M for Mmm, it’s a Mature rating.

- Admin J (;

The pressure of his fingers were…

…increasingly stimulating. You bit back a trembling whine that threatened to escape you, but you knew better than to worry Yongguk any further. Saying nothing, you shiver under his tantalizing touch.

"Does it hurt?" he asks you, holding you in his steadfast gaze that only spurns your inner desire.

"Mmh…n-no…" you shook your head.

To be honest, you were in some slight of pain—a stinging discomfort. However, you more than enjoy the careful touch of his fingers and the way they trail a path of warmth that soothes the ache. Greedily, you push yourself against his touch, just a little bit more.


There was a sudden fall of silence as Yongguk averts his eyes to you, cheeks heating up and mouth slightly agape. You bit your lip in embarrassment and then mouthed to him, “Sorry!” You weren’t, really.

Yongguk motioned closer towards you, his other hand sliding to your knee and circling lazy patterns. His other hand, though, never faltered. As much as he is affectionate, you sometimes wonder just how people would react to seeing Yongguk to become like this.

"A-ah, you’re doing it too hard!" you wince, the pressure of his fingers being a little too much.

"Well that serves you right," he mutters.

A frown pulled at your lips, as you felt guilty for not listening to him in the first place.

It was just earlier today that you decided that you were well enough to continue dancing but oh, you were wrong about that. Like an exaggerated scene of an infomercial, you tripped on your own feet and fell on your twisted ankle. Looking up to the ceiling, you cursed at your own inability.

You sighed, defeated, and surrendered yourself to him as he tended to your aching ankle. Him flustering over you like a mother hen only made you look at him fondly. Ah, he would go along well with kids. (Then again, the other members were like kids.)

He stops massaging you then tilted his head, “Is something the matter?”

"No. Just…thank you for taking care of me."

He smiles that gummy smile that makes your heart flutter.

Rated M for Mmm it turned out to be a misunderstanding. HAHAHA.


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